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How to Use Social Media Stories Marketing to Drive Sales?


It’s no secret that stories make a product special thereby increasing its monetary value. Social media stories marketing offers more visibility to your business and the products. This content marketing strategy ultimately helps to garner trust and intimacy with the customers. Just give, what the people on the social media want and they’ll consider themselves a part of your social media campaigns. In fact, storytelling and content marketing go hand in hand. Owing to the growing popularity, social media stories have become one of the most preferred storytelling forms. So, get ready now to make stories an integral part of your social media marketing strategy. It’s the time to make your online presence felt among the audiences, and this new form of creativity through visual stories is sure to give a fresh boost to your business. With the changing social landscape, the brands must keep up the pace with the changing trends of digital marketing to stay relevant.

Stories differentiate your brands

The story as an advertisement is a new form of creativity that can be propagated as article stories, video stories, or even animations. Storytelling on social media offers fresh power to your content marketing efforts. Stories make your brand tangible and memorable to the audiences. The social media stories increase the subjective and objective value of your offerings. The storytelling on social media sets you apart from rivals and competitors. Below are the key elements to be included in your social media story.

Core to your offering: Something that is core to your business or the product that makes it different should get highlighted.
What’s special about your business location: Highlight if there is any angle related to your location. Also mention, if you’re working with the local government, something bigger than your business.
What happens in your organization behind the scenes: This should be all about, how fairly you create your product? You can interview different members of your team as well to support the story.
Your workforce standing firmly behind the organization: You can highlight, how you have acquired the best brains of the industry and also, gather inputs from the employees, why they choose to work for your firm.
Committed customers behind the organizational success: Genuine positive feedback and response from the customers endorsing your products offer an added value to your business. Just compile them in the form of a story and post on social media.

Ways to improve your stories

Package the story in the manner that it has the maximum impact. Think out of the box and think beyond the normal story writing abilities.
Develop and tell your unique story, and link it well with your products or services.
A variety of content formats is beneficial. Apply different formats and highlight your real stories. Use audio, text, photographs, and videos to tell the tale of your organization.
Make sharable stories. Enable others to share your story on social media platforms. Also, keep it easy to remember and share.

Social media stories becoming popular

You need to understand that the goal is not to create the best story, technically but to add value to your products. Now using social stories, you can share your tale via pictures, videos, and other related elements. A viewer is also allowed to share the stories with his entire followers instead of a small subset of friends. The best part is on many platforms like Snapchat, stories disappear after 24 hours. Now Instagram, Facebook is the other platform, where you can share content marketing stories. Nowadays, it’s a strong medium for businesses to get connected with users. Many brands are impressively using these platforms to get a firm association with their audiences. Now have a look at the different social platforms and the best practices need to be followed.

Snapchat stories

Around 45% of the Snapchat users are aged around 17-24 and hence, it’s a great platform to target young consumers. Snapchat stories for businesses are a perfect tool to influence the younger generation. But the key point is, keep your snaps short and sweet. In fact, the cover page and the initial snap should have the essence of what you’re trying to convey. This helps in capturing the attention of a good number of people on Snapchat. Your introductory presentation should be indicative of the content to follow. In fact, these tips are no different from sharing any business story on any digital platform. You need to intrigue your viewers enough so that they click the content.

Instagram stories

The brands that are looking to push their sales are finding Instagram a better option. It boasts of a better sales model as compared to other alike platforms. Actually, Instagram has integrated e-commerce into its social platforms in the most effective manner, and hence, many brands consider it as a better option. The best story examples generally come from brands that are highly established. And the reason is, they create a full-length production of their Instagram stories. The best practice for an Instagram post is, to know your audience and just provide, what kind of marketing content they expect from you.

Facebook stories

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms that the brands use for advertisements. You can engage the users in the same way as you do on Instagram but don’t leave the platform as the life span of the story is just 24 hours. One big advantage in Facebook business stories is, it’s the first thing that the users see when they log on to their profile. This implies stories are great for grabbing attention. Facebook is the perfect platform to raise awareness about your new drop and drive traffic and sales thereafter.

WhatsApp messaging

Although it seems weird using a messaging platform for marketing, there are dozens of brands, which have used this platform to promote their brands. With WhatsApp, these brands ask the audiences to respond to their marketing content, posted on social media.

Real-life Purposes of Social Media Stories

Storytelling is the core of a great social and content strategy used to build a narrative and to connect on a deeper level with ready-to-buy customers, friends, and connections.

What are the Benefits of Social Media Stories?
  • They boost imagery familiarity.
  • Increase post-reach volume.
  • Show transparency, highlight your core services, and industry.
  • Boost engagement.
  • Increase contest and promotion participation.
Growth and effectiveness of Stories

Stories grow a little bit faster than feed-based sharing. They are highly effective mostly when you have an understanding of why you need them as it is vital to getting the most out of them and creating the right strategy for your brand.

Over to you

Social media offers a lot of opportunities to get your business to your targeted audiences, engage them, and convince them to make an informed decision to buy your products or services. Creativity and flexibility are key when crafting a winning content strategy. Leverage the use of all owned media paid media and earned media to create a huge impact that will drive your business to more success.

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