SaaS Solutions services Dubai

If you don’t want to install and run applications on your own computers or in own data centres in your organization, software as a solution (SaaS) is the option which also enables the elimination of the expanse of hardware acquisition, provisioning and maintenance software licensing, installation and the support system. But for this installation – an alternative to the standard software installation – you need to look for a company which provides a varied range of IT project solutions with its dedicated team of experts.

Aimstorm Solutions is the SaaS solutions company in Dubai, which helps your business reaching its goals. The company understands that every project is different just like every business is unique. The highly skilled manpower here tailor each project to meet specific IT requirements. The company is here to support in any manner you desire to. Our intelligent brains can manage any IT project alone or work alongside your in-house technical team.

Saas Solution Services Dubai

The company a SaaS solutions services provider in UAE offers a software distribution model hosting the applications and makeing them available to the approved end-users i.e. customers over the internet. In fact, we offer services in all the three categories of cloud computing including SaaS, infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS). Our company provide SaaS applications for fundamental business technologies such as emails, financial management, customer relationship management, human resources management, sales management and billing and collaborations. A range of IT professionals and business users are using these services through our prestigious company. Generally the clients pay for this service on a monthly basis. Transitioning cost to a recurring operating expense cost enables business houses exercising more predictable budgeting.

SaaS service also offers vertical scalability which gives the customers the option to access fewer or more services or features. Rather than purchasing new software, clients can completely rely on Software as a Service provider like us to automatically perform updation and patch management reducing the work load on the in-house staff. Since the applications are delivered over the internet, user can accesss them from any location and internet-enabled device.

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