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    Pay Per Click (PPC) Service

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    Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

    Pay Per Click (PPC) Service - Why Us?

    We offer PPC or Pay per Click service that helps you get an edge over your competitors.. We set up your PPC campaign with the best strategy that suits your business needs. We do not stop after setting up your content - instead we map and track the progress, and make changes to ensure the campaign brings out positive results.
    We give you timely updates on the metrics for all your acquisition channels. Also, we give you detailed analysis of the campaign experiment and also share the future strategies and tactics.
    You can contact us via email or ask to schedule a call to ensure you have everything you need. In addition, we keep your feedback in mind and put it into action.

    Get the Best Pay Per Click (PPC) Services in Dubai

    Social Advertising

    Social media advertising has become a smart promotional strategy today. This is due to the fact that social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and other sponsored advertisements allow you to broaden the audience for your brand and reach consumers in markets you were previously unable to reach.

    Paid Search

    Most searches take place on Google, as compared to other search engines. Thus making it a great option to reach your target audience at various stages of the buyer's journey. Thus, we help you optimise PPC campaigns for Google, in addition to other search engines such as Bing.

    Programmatic Advertising

    We use programmatic advertising using ML and AI to help you automate and optimise your ad-buying process.

    Affiliate Marketing

    With a well-thought strategy and commitment, we focus on providing value to the audience.

    Email Marketing

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    Is PPC effective for your business?

    PPC advertising can be very helpful if you want to drive targeted traffic to your website using specific keywords and audiences.

    Is PPC profitable?

    PPC ads offer profitable opportunities if done the correct way. It also helps in brand awareness, website traffic, lead generation, etc.

    What are the aspects of a successful PPC?

    Here are a few aspects of a successful PPC – Bid, Ads, Keywords, Price, Landing Page, and Conversion Path.

    How can PPC increase sales?

    PPC increases sales by choosing the right ad platform, targeting keywords with high search volume, optimising bidding strategy, driving traffic with local PPC, and retargeting ads.