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    Today, digital commerce is a strong and robust platform to buy and sell goods and services online. It’s becoming increasingly popular due to its more quicker, affordable and comfortable ways of doing business. Aimstorm Solutions is one of the leading eCommerce App Development Companies in UAE. We develop customer-centric mobile apps that motivate mobile users to make easy and fast purchase. This ultimately helps businesses to maximize the revenues.
    Ecommerce Company in Dubai

    Essential features The essential features of our e-commerce mobile app development includes– Customer panel, Vendor panel, and Admin panel.

    Customer panel: In this panel, we include product list and categorization, product detailing, personalized results and notifications, product wish list, product comparison tool, advanced search, product search, view offer, store discovery, live chat, loyalty program, discount codes, shipment tracking, e-gift card, cart management, and others.

    Vendor panel: We include registration/login, active subscription plan, set-up and management of multiple stores, managing catalog and orders, automatic inventory on sales management, payment accounting, import products, user reviews, reporting tools, and notifications and alerts.

    Admin panel: Log in input with ID and password, board management, users’ management, management of product category, manage promotions, rewards, manage referral and invites, multiple payment options, EMI, and others.

    So, our eCommerce App development Software proves to be the best for various online businesses.

    Possible challenges

    There are several challenges that are influencing e-commerce mobile app development. We suggest the solutions come over such challenges and therefore, Aimstorm Solutions is likely to continue to be the best eCommerce Apps development company in 2020. Technology selection is one of the biggest challenges. You need to know the ins and outs of your business. We suggest the most appropriate CMS for your products. We develop an e-commerce app that is stable, and secure, and guide the users through the cycle of purchase options. Being one of the top mobile app design companies, we test the app extensively for a reliable end product. Providing a unified shopping experience is again a challenge but we do it effectively. We offer the customers an integrated shopping experience. We help you overcome analytics problem and offer business intelligence analytics for the app.

    Ecommerce Company in Dubai
    Ecommerce Company in Dubai

    User’s perspective

    The new generation smartphone users want apps to be responsive and fast. Being the leading mobile app designing company, we follow a unique design approach for UI, and produce an app that supports the latest OS version with faster server loading time. Users look for simple and clear product navigation. They also look for the easy access to the button for wishlist and the cart. We ensure a robust hybrid app development that delivers a seamless experience in product categorization, product search and account management besides cart visibility. To prevent data theft, we don’t use the standard FTP for the transference of the files. We regularly update the shopping cart and collect regular backup data, to minimize the risk. We offer faster payment gateways to the customers as our intuitive apps help customers to save their eWallet and card details. The users can also sign through their social profiles, that saves their time and efforts. Aimstorm Solutions is a Dubai based top IOS Apps Development Company and our e-commerce app features integrated AR that allows the users visualize the products in the environment, they want to use, before finally choosing it.

    Future perspective

    There is a lot more to be explored in AR. Also big brands are showing their interest in integrating augmented realities into their e-commerce platform. Offering the best eCommerce Development Services, we bring innovative concepts and ideas to use AR in different industries. We offer the facility that can help companies to solve the customers’ queries on a real time basis. Messanger applications to interact with the brands is also gaining popularity. With the help of automation tools, you can generate loyalty programmes, aggregate products reviews etc. Automation has garnered businesses with enhanced engagements and better conversions. Quicket shipping will be another trend in the coming years.
    Ecommerce Company in Dubai

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