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WordPress is the most popular blogging software among the professionals. Over the last a few years, WordPress has also become a widely used content management software. Many companies are considering switching to WordPress platform for their websites. The most important reasons of its popularity is its ease of use. With an intuitive interface, it’s easy to post blogs, images and even adding new pages is not complicated. The time spent on formatting is greatly reduced as the technology is very simple. Since, WordPress is browser based, you can manage your site from any internet connected system. It’s a self-contained system and there is no need for HTML software. Even search engines love WordPress sites. The codes behind WordPress are simple and clean, making it easy for different search engines.


If you’re looking for the best e-commerce solution, Magento is just for you. Using Magento platform for your business comes with multiple benefits. It’s the most widely used e-commerce system in the world. Magento shopping carts are developed responsively. This makes them seamlessly viewable on different mobile devices including smartphones and tablets. It comes with advanced search engine optimization and this opens the flow for improved organic traffic. This offers a better chance to your products to appear on Google, Bing and other search engines. Magento platform is powerful and spacious. It also allows easy third party integration. You can connect your e-commerce experience with Eway, Paypal, Google Shopping and more.


Drupal is one of the popular Content Management Systems (CMS) which is gaining popularity in web development. It helps creating flexible, scalable and secure websites. It has the ability to create and manage a wide variety of content types including videos, polls, blogs, podcasts and statistics. Moreover, it’s not limited here. Owing to its features variation, Drupal enables a flexible design-enable platform to create a content-rich portals. It is easy to create both complicated and easy webpage configuration. It’s also highly customizable. It allows you to modify, adjust and implement an endless wealth of custom features into your websites. Another selling point of Drupal is that it’s tremendously scalable. You’re allowed to grow your webpages exponentially.


Shopify is easy to set-up and use. It’s the best alternative for the professionals who want a complete solution with no technicalities related to the development and the hosting of an online store. The popular platform offers the hosting and software that are required for the launch of a website. The platform provides a number of professional templates that help in the creation of visually-appealing online stores. It has amazing customization abilities. It is quite easy to integrate with apps. Thus, the seller can easily add some extra features and functionalities multiplying the value of the store. It offers high-level security and reliability.


Among the variety of available shopping carts, OpenCart is considered as one of the best solutions. It is widely appreciated for its simplicity, flexibility and importantly, multi-functionality. It uses AJAs technology that helps reducing load time and hence, increased store speed. It’s admin panel is easy to use and thus, managing a store is quite simple. It also provides a possibility of using numerous features increasing clients’ usability. Another important feature is, its support to multi-store functionality, allowing management of different stores from a single admin panel. Its installation cost is negligible as compared to other shopping carts.


Using Squarespace platform for online business comes with multiple advantages. It allows a designer to create a personalized Squarespace template for the website. This helps the site reflecting the brand uniquely. Squarespace also offers the complete control of entire design process to the business owners. It offers easy drag and drop elements and a variety of plug ins to suit different needs. All Squarespace websites are mobile responsive and when viewed on smartphones or tablets or similar other such devices, the site will look amazing and function smoothly. The customer support is open all days, 24x7, through email or live chat. Here, an online shop is already built-in and you don’t need to create a separate website. Squarespace automatically updates the software, allowing the business owners to focus more on the business and not on the other site related tasks.


Joomla is increasingly becoming a popular CMS among the professionals due to multiple reasons. The benefits of Joomla includes printable versions of pages, page catching, composer integration, RSS feeds, Google ReCAPTCHA, support for language and what not. The advantages are not limited here. Publishing blogs on Joomla is quite easy. You need to copy and paste the content and hit the publish button. Using this platform, there is just no limit, how interactive and functional, you can make your website. To integrate social networking, an extension has been provided. Content management is like a piece of cake for this platform. The primary function of Joomla is content management. Also, e-commerce becomes easy with this platform.

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